Termination Letter Format

The letters are considered as one of the handsome mode of communication especially when it comes to the delivery of formal information. The formal communication still relies on the use of letters in this age of media and telecommunication. There is nothing that can be used as a replica to the letter when it comes to formal communication. The letters are frequently used for formal communication in this age. They can be found in great variety and versatility. The termination letter is one of those frequently used letters. It is used to convey the news about the termination of a said contract or assignment or may be job. The termination letter is used at more than one occasion in formal communication. It is generally subjected towards the end of a certain contract. It can also be used in the termination of an employment contract or may be a kind of business contract.

The termination letter acts as notification for the correspondent. It is generally started with the details of the contract or agreement and end in conveying that the date of termination has reached. The termination letter can contain the information about the renovation of the contract. It can convey the details about how new deal can be settled. But it is not found so common a termination letter simply conveys the news about the termination of a present deal. These letters are generally crafted in accordance with the need of the hour. But some ready made samples can also prove useful in this regard.

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Sample Termination Letter Format Template

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