Salary Certificate Format

There are lots of documents that are of official value for many organizations working around us. These documents are considered vital in getting one job done or the other. The salary certificate is one of those frequently used items that have due importance among all everyday documents. The salary certificate is issued to ensure that what is the current salary of an employee and how much he is expected to get on coming salary date. The salary certificate helps office managers in managing their work while it also facilitates the employer in getting what he is working for. The certificate is generally issued at the time of transfer of an employee from one department to another.

It is especially used to make things happen when it comes to strategic business unit deployments. The certificates are generally been issued by the finance department of parent business unit in order to facilitate the new business unit in making accordingly adjustments. The salary certificate is generally developed under the heading of salary certificate. But optional sub headings are also been added as and when they become necessary. The subtitles are added to provide more details to a query or required statement. The person or employee for who the letter is issued is clearly stated on the top. The body of the certificate then starts with the details about the rank and relevant salary of the said worker. The details about tenure and service are also being mentioned in certain instances especially when tenure counts.

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Sample Salary Certificate Format Template

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